10th Anniversary Concert ticketing details

Posted April 2016

As mentioned earlier, our concert is being ticketed this year to avoid overcrowding issues in Dekelboum. This means that all guests in attendance MUST HAVE A TICKET TO GET INTO THE CONCERT! Tickets are FREE, but required for entry! You are allowed to reserve more than one ticket at once. Request your ticket(s) online HERE, then pick them up at the Will Call booth in the lobby of CSPAC.

Tickets do not guarantee admission. Arrive early to claim your seat. If tickets are not claimed 15 minutes before the performance, they are subject to being released to a standby line.

Day-of Waitlist: If necessary, The Clarice will form a waitlist starting 1 hour prior to the performance. Starting 15 minutes before, we will begin calling names for any available seats. You must be present when your name is called to claim your ticket or we will move on to the next person on the list. Additionally, we will re-issue any tickets that have been returned prior to the day of the performance.

For additional information, visit the official event page on The Clarice Website.

10th Anniversary Hype!

Hi everyone! GSO has turned 10 years old this school year, and we have an amazing semester planned to celebrate! Keep an eye on our Events tab for yummy fundraisers, Deathmatch for Charity, and a spring concert that will feature nearly 200 musicians! This concert will be a GSO experience like you've never had before.

As advance notice, we will likely be ticketing our concert this semester. Don't worry, it'll still be free! Considering how well we've packed Dekelboum the past few semesters, we just might need to cap attendance to not run afoul of fire code. You guys are such awesome fans! Stay tuned, we'll hopefully be able to say more about our spring concert soon.

For everyone going to MAGFest this weekend, have fun and enjoy the Super Smash Opera!

Eat for GSO

Two days after our fall concert, we will be holding a funsraising event at Jason's Deli in College Park. You can come have a nice meal with friends while also supporting your favorite orchestra! It's the first day of finals, so what better way to relax? If you need any more convincing, Jason's has free soft serve ice cream - yes, we know it's mid-December, but how can you turn down free dessert? Please RSVP here so Jason's knows roughly how many people will be showing up over the course of the day.

GSO's 10th Anniversary!

Fall 2015 marks tens years since GSO was founded, so this year we'll be celebrating our milestone! Keep an eye on our main page here to news and special events, and make sure to come to our epic fall concert (see the Events tab for details).

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