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The GSO picks a new officer board each April from within the group's active membership; webmaster, PR director, orchestra manager, and all conductors are appointed after the other positions are filled through elections among all undergraduates in the ensemble. The officer board meets weekly for the hour before rehearsal during the school year and meets occasionally during the summer.

Feel free to contact any officer directly if you have a specific question or request!

2017-18 GSO Officer Board

Role Name E-mail
President Alex Yu
Vice President Arden Qui
Secretary Hojin Yoon
Treasurer Suzie DeMeritte
Webmaster Austin Hope
PR Director Sarah Jackson
Music Director Chun Mun Loke
Orchestra Conductor Leanne Cetorelli
Michael Mitchell
Choral Director Chase Frederick
Jessica Tsai
Orchestra Manager Wil Combs
Social Director Bethany Riege
Fundraising Director Cassie Herman
Cindy Xie
Officer-at-Large Vivian Ding
Lawrence Guloy

Page was last modified: July 24 2017