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The following people have been recognized by the GSO for their outstanding contributions to the growth of the ensemble, and are permanently written in to our organization's bylaws.

Emeritus members can request to participate as performers in our end-of-semester concerts at any time despite no longer being active members, and emeritus conductors can similarly request to conduct pieces.

GSO Emeritus Members & Conductors

Name Membership Inducted Contributions
Michelle Eng 2005-2007 retroactive GSO Founder and President (2005-2007)
Michelle's vision for video game music as an art form brought together around 20 or so musicians in the 2005-2006 school year to create the GSO and bring a younger audience to the concert hall. In her honor, a viola solo is part of our five- and ten-year anniversary piece, Prologue from FFVII.
Greg Cox 2006-2009 retroactive GSO Conductor (2006-2009)
Greg was one of GSO's first dedicated conductors, serving the group during its formative years and also arranging multiple pieces.
Peter Fontana 2007-2011 retroactive GSO Conductor (2010-2011)
Rob Garner 2005-2011 March 2012 GSO President (2008-2011)
Rob was GSO's third and longest-tenured president. In addition to arranging several pieces for the group, Rob was key in increasing GSO's exposure, being involved with getting GSO-arranged pieces to be included by OCRemix and Video Games Live.
Chris Apple - April 2012 GSO Music Director (2007-2010)
Kira Levitzky 2008-2013 Sept. 2013 GSO Conductor (2009-2013)
Kira was GSO's longest-serving conductress, and in addition to leading the group with a high level of musicality for so long, she also headed the efforts to get percussion equipment from the university's music department available for the GSO. Not only did she conduct GSO's fifth anniversary concert, she returned to GSO's tenth anniversary both as spokesperson for the Baltimore GSO (which she founded) and as guest conductress for our encore piece.
Alexander Ryan 2009-2014 Sept. 2014 GSO Officer-at-Large, Vice President, and President (2009-2013)
Kyle Jamolin 2010-2014 Feb. 2015 GSO Choral Conductor (2012-2014)
Kevin Mok - Aug. 2015 GSO Conductor (2013-2015)
Joel Guttman 2010-2014 Aug. 2015 GSO President (2013-2014)
Joel served as "outreach chair" before and during his time as president, spearheading an expansion effort that resulted in the founding of 10 other GSOs at other universities as well as a couple of communities and a high school. He also oversaw revision of election and membership eligibility policies as part of an overhaul to the GSO constitution.
Jasmine Marcelo 2011-2015 Oct. 2015 GSO Treasurer & Vice President (2013-2015)
Jesse Halpern 2011-2016 Aug. 2016 GSO Treasurer (2015-2016)
Jesse went above and beyond in his year as treasurer - a very busy year for the treasurer position at that - including streamlining the position, dealing with changing roles at contact positions within the university, changing the GSO's banking and fundraising accounts. He made the transition for the following treasurer exceptionally smooth, and continued to help the orchestra after his graduation in improving its legal and financial recognition outside of the univeristy.
Jonathan Hansford 2013-2017 Sept. 2017 GSO Choral Conductor (2015-2017)
Jonathan contributed and air of calmness and incredible musical expertise to his years as a member and then conductor of GSO's chorus. He also was very active as an arranger for the orchestra, providing great feedback to other arrangers and also arranging GSO's favorite new piece two semesters in a row during his senior year.


Page was last modified: September 12 2017