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...In the Press!

Check out the most recent mentions of us out there in the real world!

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Diamondback article on GSO's Deathmatch for Charity
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Capitol Sounds "Game On" Article
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...For the Press!

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Fall 2015 Press Release (coming)

Some key points of information:

  • Founded in 2005 by Michelle Eng
  • Current President: Douglas Eber
  • Current Vice President: Dakota Sparks
  • Current Conductor: Elizabeth Green
  • Current Choral Conductors: Jonathan Hansford
  • Current Music Director: Ben Ames
  • Current PR Director: Marissa Tonkay
  • Mostly non-music majors
  • Membership is about 130 members, including ~30 singers
  • Orchestra rehearsals are Sundays for two hours
  • Chorus rehearsals tend to be Mondays for about two hours
  • Toward the end of the semester, every Sunday is a joint rehearsal for both Orchestra and Chorus
Feel free to use any photos from the site.

Page was last modified: June 26 2016