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Donors and VIPs of the GSO

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Faculty Advisor - BFFs - Other

Faculty Advisor

GSO has had one UMD Faculty serve as our official advisor since its founding: Dr. Derek Richardson of the Department of Astronomy, friend and mentor of GSO founding bassoonist Randall Perrine. We thank Dr. Richardson thoroughly for his support, including telling his classes about each of our concerts.

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Below is a list of our Best Friends Forever; these are those who donated to the Tuba Crowdfunding Project and, without their help, we wouldn't have our very own tuba!

  • Aaron Soto
  • Alex Cotsalas
  • Alexander Ryan
  • Alyssa C Menes
  • Andrew Bishop & Friends
  • Anna Costello
  • Beverly Stott
  • Blum Florian
  • CTL
  • David Grieco
  • David Saulesco
  • Denise Hutchins
  • Don Cober
  • Drew Star
  • Jason Guy
  • Jelila Mohammed
  • Jessica Wismer
  • John Merrifield
  • John O'Meara
  • Joseph Tran
  • Kavi Jivan
  • Linda Laine
  • Lora Albanese
  • Lynda Wellen
  • Marcos Gaspar
  • Melissa Ou
  • Michael Ohr
  • Nathan Destler
  • Nnaemeka Madubata
  • Rebecca Ogle
  • Rebecca Parker
  • Renard Sexton
  • Scott DeHart
  • Susan Tayman
  • Tess Krimchansky
  • Vanessa Martinez
  • Vincent Torre

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Page was last modified: August 31 2016