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Fall 08

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CreditsStar Fox SNESGerald Tagunicar
Oh Buta MaskMother 3Chris Lee
Hyrule's OcarinaSuper Smash Bros. BrawlJason Troiano
Tides of DarknessWarcraft IIRobert Garner
Forcing Our WayFinal Fantasy VIIIMichelle Eng
Chrono Trigger Cross MedleyChrono Trigger/CrossAlex Song
Destinies Entwined
Piano Duet performed by Greg Cox and Kristina Madula
Odin SphereGreg Cox, Kristina Madula
SEGA Mega MedleyTravis Neff
Kirby Super Star SuiteKirby Super StarSteve O'Brien
D´┐ŻmmerungXenosagaChris Apple

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