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Spring 08

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Aerith's Theme
Performed by Monica Chew
Final Fantasy VII??
Somnus (Piano)
Performed by Kristina Madula
Final Fantasy XIII??
Hall of ChampionsUnreal Tournament IIChris Apple
Chrono Cross/Trigger MedleyChrono Trigger/CrossAlex Song
Metal Gear Solid MedleyMetal Gear SolidGerald Tagunicar
A Medley for Brass QuartetThe Legend of Zelda??
The Promised LandFinal Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenChris Apple
The Legend of TrogdorHomestar RunnerRobert Garner, Travis Neff
One Winged AngelFinal Fantasy VIIAndrew Bishop
Mario 64 (Piano)
Performed by Kyle Garton
Super Mario 64Kyle Garton
Old School HyruleThe Legend of ZeldaRobert Garner
Donkey Kong Country 2 MedleyDonkey Kong Country 2Gerald Tagunicar
Sonic Mix ABSonic the HedgehogTravis Neff
Tender SecretsSecret of ManaChris Apple
Final Fantasy TacticsFinal Fantasy TacticsRJ Sexton
Still AlivePortalGreg Cox

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