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Fall 2013

Concert Program

All Tracks (warning: a very big file)

Traumerei and Aria of the SoulPersona IV (2008)Kyle Jamolin, Jasmine Marcelo, and Daniel HopkinsKyle Jamolin
Uncharted 2: Nate's ThemeUncharted (2006)OrchestraDouglas Eber
PokemedleyPokemon Red/Blue (1998), Pokemon Black/White (2010), Pokemon Indigo League TV series (1998)Orchestra and ChorusAlex Ryan, Chris Lee, Douglas Eber, and Rob Garner (Team DARC)
From Past To PresentSkyrim (2011)Mary Beck, Jacob Coppage-Gross, and Griffin MoskowitzMary Beck
Hall of ChampionsUnreal Tournament (2004)OrchestraChris Apple
NightsongWorld of Warcraft: Cataclysm (2010)ChorusJulia Seeholzer,
Katamari Damacy Suite: Prelude, Fugue, and GrooveKatamari Damacy (2004)Orchestra and Chorus ft. Tori Buckshaw and Michael OhrGreg Cox
Bob-Omb BattlefieldSuper Mario 64 (1995)The Doug Eber ExperienceDouglas Eber
200XMega Man 2 (1988)OrchestraJ. Troiano, L. Peregoy
Sam and Max Hit the RoadSam and Max Hit the Road (1993)OrchestraA. C. Menes
Final Fantasy VII Main ThemeFinal Fantasy VII (1997)Jacob Coppage-Gross and Austin HopeJacob Coppage-Gross
DämmerungXenosaga (2002)Orchestra and ChorusChris Apple
Terra's Resolve: Final Fantasy VI - Suite for OrchestraFinal Fantasy VI (1994)OrchestraChad Seiter and Alexander Ryan
HaloHalo: Combat Evolved (2001)Orchestra and ChorusChris Apple, Travis Neff
Dragonborn: The Main Theme of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)Orchestra and ChorusChris Apple, Katie Noble, Alexander Ryan, Dakota Sparks

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