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Spring 09

Concert Program

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HikariKingdom HeartsAlex Song
Final DestinationSuper Smash Bros. MeleeChris Lee
Metal Gear Solid MedleyMetal Gear SolidGerald Tagunicar
Final Fantasy Epic BattlesFinal FantasyGerald Tagunicar,
Aerith's Theme
Piano and Flute Duet performed by Greg Cox and Peter Fontana
Final Fantasy VIIGreg Cox, Peter Fontana
CastlesSuper Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country 2, The Legend of ZeldaChris Apple
Kirby Super Star SuiteKirby Super StarSteve O'Brien
HaloHaloChris Apple, Travis Neff
Prelude, Fugue, and Groove
(One track)
Katamari DamacyGreg Cox
Still AlivePortalGreg Cox

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