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Spring 2011

Download all Spring 2011 Concert MP3s!
...or watch a video playlist, courtesy Michelle Eng!

Super Mario Land
Performed by Mary Beck, Flute; Greg Steffensen, Clarinet; Tim Williams, Bari Sax
Super Mario LandGreg Steffensen
Final Fantasy PrologueFinal FantasyWill Buck; adapted by Robert Garner
Warcraft II: Tides of DarknessWarcraft IIRobert Garner
You Have Died of Dysentery (On the Oregon Trail)Oregon Trail DeluxeRobert Garner
Objection!Phoenix WrightAlex Ryan
Electric De Chocobo
Performed by the Magruder GSO
Final Fantasy VIIBrian Berdan, Magruder GSO
Angel's Fear
Piano and Flute duet performed by Greg Cox and Peter Fontana
Secret of ManaGreg Cox, Peter Fontana
Chrono Cross-Trigger MedleyChrono Trigger/ChrossAlex Song
The Promised LandFinal Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenChris Apple
Banjo-Kazooie Medley
Special guest banjoist Mark Cromer
Banjo-KazooieDavid Scherr
Still AlivePortalGreg Cox
DaemmerungXenosagaChris Apple
KorobeinikiTetrisGreg Cox

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