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Fall 2011

Concert Program

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...or watch a video playlist, courtesy Michelle Eng!

Towards the Stars Super Mario Galaxy(2007), Mega Man X6 (2001), Final Fantasy VII (1997) Kira Levitzky (flute) and Jacob Coppage-Gross (piano) Chris Apple
Fate of the Unknown Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix CD (2007) Katie Noble
Laharl-sama no Sanbika Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (2003) Michelle Eng, Christopher Lee
Civilization V Medley Civilization V (2010) Geoff Knorr, Chris Apple
Star Fox Credits Star Fox (1993) Gerald Tagunicar,
Sea Breeze Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004) Darrell Schaeffer (guitar), Maryann Moses (guitar), Kyle Jamolin (piano), Gerald Tagunicar (bass guitar), Eden Davis (drums) Kyle Jamolin
Oh, Buta-Mask Mother 3 (2006) Christopher Lee
Metal Gear Solid Medley Metal Gear Series (1998-ongoing) Gerald Tagunicar
Shadow of the Colossus Medley Shadow of the Colossus (2005) Kira Levitzky
Pokemedley Pokemon Red/Blue (1998), Pokemon Black/White (2010), Pokemon Indigo League TV series (1998) Orchestra and Chorus Douglas Eber, Robert Garner, Christopher Lee
Katamari Damacy Suite, mvt. 3: Groove Katamari Damacy Orchestra and Chorus Greg Cox

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